In the early 2000s Giuseppe Salvia and a group of friends brought a brand new idea from France to Italy: adventure trails in the woods.

1. The first in Italy

To leave, they decided to find a location in a tourist area close enough to tourism but surrounded by nature and greenery. San Zeno di Montagna, a few kilometers from the beaches, was the perfect choice and still today attracts thousands of athletic tourists from all over the world.

2. The Dad of Italian adventure parks.

Giuseppe doesn’t like being the center of attention but we can certainly define him as the Italian father of this discipline which over time has taken root throughout Italy. By now widespread everywhere, many of the Italian adventure parks have taken inspiration and ideas from the innovations of Giuseppe Salvia.


In 20 years a few million “adventurers”, nature lovers, have crossed our paths…

3. The Active park

“Right from the beginning I was attracted by the idea of an “active” park where the tourist did not passively undergo the attraction but himself became the actual protagonist of the action and entertainment. I believe that the success derives precisely from the fact that there is no age to keep fit and this park is perfect for the whole family with easy routes and more challenging ones.”

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation