"Adventure" Blue Path (from 11 years - minimum height 1.60 with arm raised)

The "ADVENTURE" course, challenging with unique stunts such as the "Tarzan leap", a variety of bridges and rope crossings. Minimum age is 11 years or 160 tall with arm raised. The Blue route is called the Adventure route due to the numerous suspended passages that recall the deeds of Indiana Jones, Tarzan, Lara Croft... With this route we begin to savor the taste of being the protagonists of a Tomb Raider episode. And so down the suspended barrels, on the walkway of the Andes, on the Tibetan bridges and again we slide on the fast cableways... But you can only savor all of this by crossing the 21 stages of the Blue route, always secured with your intelligent carabiners... During the journey you will be followed by our experts who will monitor your deeds.

And now we just have to go!
1. Descending Cable Car
2. Pegasus ring
3. Hanging barrels
4. Privateer's Net
5. Chimpanzee swings
6. Flying Liana
7. Fisherman's net
8. Descending zipline
9. Walkway of the Andes
10. Tarzan leap 11. Canadian Bridge
12. Corsair's net 13. Trunk of balance
14. Himalayan Bridge 15. Ascending zipline
16. Bear Beams
17. Monkey Bridge
18. Descending zipline
19. Canadian scale
20. Chimpanzee swings
21. Cableway descend

Quick Info

  • Level: Upper middle
  • Age: from 11 years



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