The safety of CLiC-iT® carabiners

Opening one connector will automatically lock the other; CLiC-iT® is a patented safety system with two communicating connectors. The connectors are synchronized so that opening one connector automatically locks the other. This technology adds an extra level of security. At least one connector is always locked, avoiding the risk of accidental detachment from the safety cable*.

* During normal use and when used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Additionally, our recreational products feature magnetic sensing to ensure that only designated lifelines are used

The ticket

In addition to access to the acrobatic courses, the entitlement ticket also includes the use/rental of professional equipment and the assistance of our staff's assistants/rescuers.

Recommended equipment and clothing:

Professional climbing harness (provided)

Protective helmet (provided)

Protective gloves (possibly provided for a fee)

Sportswear (personal)

Sneakers or hiking shoes

Quick Info

  • Livello All
  • Dressing 15 minutes
  • Duration Briefing half an hour (max)
  • Age: 3 - 70

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