Black Path "Adrenaline" (from 14 years)

Challenge your fears and face the exciting Black Route! The most exciting route, the fastest, the most adrenaline-pumping. A whole series of very fast Zip Lines in height with climbing passages. Each step is a fun glide through the trees with a feeling of absolute freedom in nature. The cables are designed to automatically decelerate as you approach the arrival station which is protected, however, by rubber cushions which cushion the arrival.

The most acrobatic and therefore the fastest in terms of duration but which requires a dose of courage for the height and speed reached.

1. Descending Cableway

2. Descending Cableway

3. Descending Cable Car

4. Descending Cableway

5. Jungle Bridge

6. Walkway of the Andes

7. Bear beams

8. Canadian Bridge

9. Descending Cableway

10. Canadian scale

11. Descending Cableway

12. Descending Cableway

Duration of the route about 20/25 minutes

Quick Info

  • Level: Expert
  • Duration 20/30 minutes
  • Athletes: 1 for Ziplines
  • Age: from 14 years or according to the opinion of the Staff



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