Red Path "Emotion" (minimum age 14 years)
The Red route is one of the most adrenaline-pumping and exciting in the Park. Suitable for experts who are already confident and familiar with the routes. The journey engages mind and body with 20 exciting stages. All courses have a level of sportiness. This is a positive feature that transforms active play into a day of healthy fitness in the open air. Everything we find in the other routes we find in the Red Route, and it truly becomes an adventure in the forest. Don't worry though! Everything always happens in absolute safety and without haste followed by our staff.

And then you just have to challenge the "Red", and remember that the only limits are the ones you set yourself!

1. Ascending Cable Car
2. Descending Cable Car
3. Trunk of balance
4. Flying liana
5. Kangaroo jump
6. Fisherman's net
7. Monkey Bridge
8. Tarzan leap
9. Walkway of the Andes
10. Pegasus ring
11. Pirate's Net
12. Canadian scale
13. Hanging barrels
14. Himalayan Bridge
15. Canadian Bridge
16. Bear Beams
17. Jungle Bridge
18. Descending zipline
19. Liana of the adventurer
20. Descending zipline


Quick Info

  • Level: Expert
  • Age: from 14 years



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