It is useful to know what is the appropriate clothing to be in total safety.

1. Clothing

The recommended clothing is sporty with trekking shoes or sneakers. Pants or shorts also recommended for our athletes to avoid clothing that can impede movement or get stuck when overcoming obstacles.

2. Gloves

Very important for the safety of your hands which could get injured. If you have protective gloves, bring them with you otherwise our staff will provide you with new gloves at an affordable price. For some years now (after the covid 19) gloves have become a “personal” accessory so if you don’t have them you will have to buy a pair of suitable ones here at the Park.

3. Helmet and harness

To tackle the routes you will clearly be equipped with a professional harness and helmet. The equipment is sanitized after each use. Our staff at the Equipment area will assist you in dressing your equipment and will teach you how to use the “” safety hooks. During the briefing you will be instructed on how to tackle the courses and how to overcome obstacles.